email marketing.

The wonderful world of email. One of the most powerful digital marketing tools at your disposal- yet the most trickiest, so quite often is neglected. Done right, it could drive traffic, brand awareness and sales all with end to end tracking which means it is the easiest channel to attribute ROI too. 

  • We work on most email marketing platforms, we prefer MailChimp & DotDigital but aren't fussy. As long as your system isn't all built using HTML, we are in 2020 and there's no need for all that agg.

  • Don't have a database at all? Let us help in growing your fanbase & get you started on your email marketing journey.

  • The most scary four letters of recent times: G D P R. Fortunately for you that's our jam. Working for a FTSE 100 company post May 2018 means compliance is second nature. No room for risk with us! Let us set up your double opt in programmes, look at re-engagement and retention of your database. We know it's no fun, so that's why we do it for you.

  • Address books, segments, dynamic content, subject line & A/B testing... have we lost you yet? Most people would be and is why email marketing is usually the most underutilised channel of choice. Give us your account & let us work our magic.

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