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What is Digital Marketing?

Updated: Apr 29

Digital Marketing. A relatively new notion in the world of business, but probably one of the most important tools to a brand currently.

Digital Marketing spans across a multitude of disciplines, but we want to break down what Digital Marketing consists of, what it can do for your brand and how it doesn't have to be full of acronyms, technical jargon and all manner of confusion.

We hope this article will tool you with the fundamental knowledge of basic Digital Marketing principles, helping you articulate where it can help your business grow, both internally and to external agencies, and to know how to approach it in line with your goals and aspirations for your brand. So... what is Digital Marketing?


The front door to your brand. Yet websites aren't all about the aesthetics, they are a front door with many lock combinations that have to be tackled to unlock its potential. One of the initial areas to concentrate on is making sure your website is available to all audiences. Think about:

- What devices will my audience be viewing this on? Desktop, tablet, mobile? Will your content be accessed to all?

- Have you structured your website so it can reach its full potential when people search for you?

- What content are you including to help inform and educate a customer to engage or convert with you as a brand?

- Are you accessible to all? Have you thought about how someone with visual impairments may use tools such as screen readers? Often a missed trick but one search engines like Google favour...

We know how important websites are, the lynchpin of all your Digital Marketing (and often traditional over the line marketing too) and we know all the tricks to get the most from your website. Have a read through our website's section and get in touch if we can help.

Social Media

The most commonly tackled aspect of Digital Marketing, but often the most work. Engaging content isn't easy to create as often as a social media audience would expect, coupled with making every post is in the correct tone of voice and on-brand can be time-consuming.

Our top tips for social media digital marketing is:

- know your audience

- post less often but post well

- know your channels and how they perform for you.

Content that audiences can relate to, share and engage with will ultimately determine how successful social media is as part of your strategy to convert customers.

Email Marketing

Although social media has changed the dynamic of how we communicate to a customer, email is still undoubtedly one of the most powerful digital marketing channels to deliver highly personalised campaigns and offering one of the highest, measurable ROIs on offer to a brand.

We know brands have been un-nerved in recent data changes with GDPR, but as long as you are transparent in what content you wish to market to a customer, and offer content that keeps them opening your emails and engaging with your brand, GDPR should not be a blocker.

We know the industry, we know what emails should be achieving for the sector your business sits in, so if you need a nudge on how to kick off or revitalise your email marketing- get in touch.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation. The big guns. Often pushed to the side in many organisations where the lack of understanding tends to equate to lack of time and investment to get to grips with it.

Often many SEO actions can be built into the day to day practices of website upkeep but quite often are missed when trying to cut corners. A lot of the basics are weaved into your content- how best are you making your content available? How are you engaging with key traffic drivers such as Google? How are you compared with your competitors?

SEO goes further than just content (which is where we can help more fully) but not shying away from it can only end with your digital marketing strategy being more effective, and more importantly- driving better results.

Paid Media

So if you are still reading, you have read about how to nail your content, how best to make your content available to all, how to communicate with your customers, and the last piece of the puzzle is: How do I get my great content that is available to all, past just existing customers and to a wider new audience?

This is where paid media comes in. People who have been in the marketing game a lot of time will know how traditional over the line marketing advertising campaigns can be costly, time-consuming and often ambiguous in terms of performance. Digital Marketing paid ads has changed all that.

Social media and search engine paid media have paved the way for quick, tactical and often cost-effective campaigns with a full breakdown of performance. Often, not only can it tell you how an ad performed, it can tell you demographic information of who engaged with an advert, allow you to test different content effectively and excrete the most value from your precious marketing budgets. Quite often, the reactive '£10 boost' of a Facebook post can reap the most return once you know the content is sound and the audience demographic to who you are most likely to convert.

We aren't just here to execute huge digital advertising campaigns, we are more in the camp that reactive, tactical, cheap digital advertising is making the most impact on the brands we work with.

We think we have covered the basic principles of Digital Marketing. At least enough to make you reconsider your digital marketing strategy and where you should invest your time and budget in the future. We have by no means covered even the surface of what Digital Marketing can do for you, but we know it's often the foundation blocks that lead to success, and these are our foundations.

Have we made you want to know more? Think we could help you get your digital marketing where it should be? Remember we can also be used as a kick-starter to your digital; we aren't precious about enabling you and your brand to have all the tools they need to be budding digital marketers.

Use us, we want you to!

Love The Digi Refiners,

Lil & Mitch x

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