SEO. Super Excruciating Obstruction. Are we right? Search engine optimization always becomes a barrier when a great digital marketing strategy comes into play. Google (& Bing, but let's be honest Google runs the world) like making it seem SEO is a world of technical jargon & nonsense- but honestly? It's just about really important words and how you structure your website's content. We break it all down for you, let us teach you the ways while we make your site a Search Engine Optimisation hero.

  • Keyword analysis on your website. Let us make sure all those important words are on your site. A full audit will be executed when we start, then it's game on from there.

  • Remember SEO is the slow man's (or woman's, we are all about equality here) game. Don't expect results from the offset. In other word's don't fire us if you aren't jumping up the rankings in the first fortnight.

  • Keeping up to date with all the Google or Safari algorithm changes and how it can affect your website? Thought not. Let us take that really exciting job... 

  • ALT tags, heading tags, meta tags. Don't know what any of these mean? This is why you are on this page looking for our help, right?

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